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The size of a vehicle and its crashworthiness

Drivers in Louisiana should know that the size of a vehicle is a significant factor in the overall risk of fatality in an accident. Bigger vehicles, including SUVs and trucks, typically do better in crashes than smaller vehicles. This is particularly true in collisions that involve both small and large vehicles.

When the safety of a vehicle is assessed, the experts include the vehicle’s weight and size as well as its structural strength and material as part of the testing criteria. These are all factors that contribute the crashworthiness of a vehicle.

The size of a vehicle is also an important factor in regards to the front end and passenger safety. The front part of a vehicle takes the most force in a frontal collision. The bigger the front end of the vehicle, the more time the vehicle has to absorb the force of the impact. Since a larger front end provides more time to slow down, the force on the occupants in the front seats is lessened, and there is less intrusion into the passenger area of the vehicle. The safety of passengers in front-end collisions is generally proportionate to the distance between the front of the vehicle and the passenger area. Smaller vehicles and their smaller front ends will typically transfer the impact of the collision to the passengers. This can increase the chances that the passengers will be injured.

A personal injury attorney may advise clients of their legal options if they have received injuries in an auto accident. The factors surrounding an accident may be evaluated, and financial damages may be pursued against negligent drivers. Pain and suffering, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs may be sufficient reasons to file lawsuits.

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