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The most common truck crash injuries

Drivers in Louisiana most likely know that they should be extra cautious when sharing the road around large trucks. This is because large truck accidents are some of the most serious that occur. Studies show that 97 percent of fatalities in accidents between large truck accidents and passenger vehicles are incurred on the side of the passenger vehicle. The injuries that survivors incur are also severe.

The impact of a crash can traumatize the vertebrae by compressing, fracturing or dislodging it altogether. Spinal cord nerves can also be damaged, leading to temporary or permanent paralysis. This means lifelong medical attention. Injuries to other parts of the body, such as the legs, arms, hips and skull, can result in cracked or shattered bones and perhaps multiple surgeries.

Traumatic brain injuries are another frequent outcome of truck accidents. Victims can receive trauma to the head and suffer mild or severe concussions. Their symptoms sometimes appear days or weeks after a crash, making a correct diagnosis difficult. Among the lesser injuries are cuts and lacerations; however, when these produce scarring, they may cause psychological problems in some victims.

Up to 9 percent of all auto accident survivors develop post-traumatic stress disorder. The mental trauma of a truck accident can manifest itself in nightmares, flashbacks and continual anxiety that impairs victims in their day-to-day activities.

When the victims of traffic accidents involving large trucks want to be compensated, they can speak with a lawyer whose focus is on personal injury law. A claim against the trucking company could cover medical expenses, lost wages, future lost income and more.

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