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Senator pushes for action on keyless ignition systems

Louisianans who have vehicles with keyless ignition systems may want to learn about some potentially dangerous problems with them. Unlike keyed ignitions, many keyless systems do not have an automatic turn-off function when a person leaves their car with their key fob.

The lack of an automatic turn-off feature on keyless ignition systems has led to deaths. In many cases, people have forgotten to turn off their cars, leaving them running in garages. This has led to the build-up of carbon monoxide gas. Some people have died when the gas seeped into and filled their homes from the garages.

Despite the fact that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acknowledged the danger in December 2011, the agency has done nothing to make manufacturers install automatic turn-off features on vehicles with the systems. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey is now pushing the agency to require the feature be installed. At least 18 people have been killed due to this problem, and many more have been injured. Several class action lawsuits are pending against a number of different car manufacturers.

When a product has a design or manufacturing defect, a person may be killed as a result of using it as intended. When a person is killed due to a defective product, the surviving family members may be able to sue the manufacturer for their loved one’s wrongful death. In many cases, families are left reeling with their grief as well as with unexpected financial losses, including medical expenses and others. A lawsuit may allow them to recover damages, so they can be compensated for all of the losses they incurred as a result. Families of people who are killed due to the negligence of others may want the assistance of an attorney in pursuing their available remedies.

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