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New Orleans Wrongful Death Lawyer

When a loved one is killed as a result of someone else’s negligence there’s really no amount of compensation that can be presented to undo the damage and grief to the decedent’s loved ones. But it’s important that families are compensated to the fullest extent of the law to aid in whatever way the transition to the next stage of their lives.

In order to maximize compensation, however, it’s important to reach out to a committed and experienced team of lawyers who will appreciate your situation, handle it compassionately and do everything in their power to maximize the compensation for you and your family.

New Orleans Wrongful Death Attorney

In nearly three decades of Louisiana practice I, Chip Forstall, have obtained millions of dollars for clients in wrongful death cases. It always tugs at my heart when I undertake these cases, but it’s the hallmark of my business philosophy to take care of people. Whatever I and my team can do to help people in their time of grief is of immense satisfaction to me. To that end, we represent clients in wrongful death suits and can maximize compensation in the areas of:

  • Medical services
  • Memorial and burial expenses
  • Injury to the deceased
  • Injury to the deceased person’s family
  • Punitive damages
  • Pecuniary damages

Orleans Parish Fatal Accident Attorney

Ultimately, I believe in caring for people. I know that in this business, if you take care of people and work with them compassionately, success comes their way. I look forward to helping in whatever way I can in your wrongful death case.

To discuss any aspect of your wrongful death case in a free initial consultation call 504-483-3400 or e-mail us.

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