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New Orleans Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, because of their speed, when motorcyclists are injured in accidents, the injuries tend to be severe. All too often, Louisiana drivers simply do not pay close enough attention to motorcyclists, which results in accidents that could have been avoided.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 2,000 motorcyclists are killed in accidents each year, with another 50,000 people injured. A motorcyclist is almost 16 times more likely to die in an accident than someone in a car that is in a collision.

I have been in a motorcycle accident, so I know how stressful the event is. I also know the importance of hiring a skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated lawyer for this type of accident.

Should I Hire an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident?

Yes! While you heal and handle personal matters after your accident, your lawyer will contact insurance companies to assess your case, collect facts and evidence regarding your case, and examine police reports to build a case on your behalf.

What Information Should I Bring When I Meet With My Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

When meeting with an lawyer, bring any and all information you have pertaining to your motorcycle accident.
• Photo ID.
• Police report of your accident.
• Insurance information.
• Pictures of anything pertaining to the accident. Photos of the Scene, Damage, and any injuries are all important.
• Witness Information. Bring any contact information for anyone that witnessed the accident.
• Medical records regarding injuries sustained from the accident, as well as records of medical bills and receipts for any treatment. Bring your medical insurance card as well.
• Documentation of any lost wages as a result of injuries sustained.

What Can I Expect After Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

In our initial interview, we will talk with you about what happened. We will help you with your property damage claim for no fee. We can refer you to a doctor who is conveniently located, and who can treat your specific type of injury.
If your injury causes you to lose income, we will pursue that claim with your injury claim. When your claim is ready, we will send your case to the insurance company that insures the at-fault driver. If you are not satisfied with your offer, we will file suit and go to court. Most claims are settled without going to court. We will do whatever it takes to get you a fair and complete resolution of your claim.
And while we take care of your claim, you can get back to what matters: your life.
To discuss any aspect of your motorcycle injury case in a free initial consultation call 504-483-3400 or e-mail us using the form below.

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