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New blood test can detect traumatic brain injuries

A new blood test could make it easier for doctors to diagnose traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, in patients in Louisiana and nationwide. The test, which indicates both the presence of a brain injury and its severity, could reduce the need for unnecessary radiographic scans.

Michael Brown's family files wrongful death claim

Many Louisiana residents who have been following the Michael Brown case may be interested to learn that the deceased man's family filed a wrongful death case against the police officer who was involved in their loved one's death. However, a report noted the problems the family may face in their attempt to seek compensation for their loss.

18-wheeler hits 3 cars in front of Louisiana Walmart

According to the Louisiana State Police, an 18-wheeler driven by a 27-year-old man hit two cars stopped at a red light from behind and then hit another car head on. The accident occurred on Highway 90 in front of the Boutte, Louisiana, Walmart store.

Truck accident causes 10th bridge fatality

A safety truck driver, 57, was killed on a Louisiana causeway when a garbage truck hit his vehicle on Nov. 3, causing it to fall into Lake Pontchartrain. According to authorities, this represents the 10th fatality on that part of the bridge where barriers are low. Recent attempts to raise the height of the barriers have not been funded as of this time.

What is wrongful death?

Wrongful death is a tort lawsuit that can be brought by the surviving family members of someone who has recently passed on due to the recklessness or negligence of another party. Louisiana law allows these surviving loved ones to file a wrongful death suit in most cases; if a parent abandoned his or her offspring during childhood, he or she has no right to take legal action. The state's statute of limitations prescribes that these filings must take place within a year of an individual's death.

Family awarded $500,000 after fatal crash with Baton Rouge police

No wrongful death claim has ever been brought with the intention of achieving the impossible -- or of bringing back the loved one who was taken. But a wrongful death claim can provide some financial relief to a family confronted with burial expenses, medical bills and other costs resulting from another party's negligence. In these cases, it is important that grieving families have an attorney on their side to maximize the amount of compensation.

Drunk driving the focus of NHTSA campaign in lead-up to Labor Day

Each year in early September, Americans celebrate Labor Day as the summer winds down. It's a great time to remember the countless ways workers have contributed to the well-being and prosperity of the United States. The weeks leading up to Labor Day are also a good time to remind everyone of the risks of drunk driving, as statistics show that this time of year is particularly dangerous on our nation's roads.

Study finds evidence of brain damage a year after concussion

Each year scientists and doctors learn more about identifying and treating head and brain injuries, millions of which are caused by motor vehicle accidents. However, diagnostic tests such as CT scans, MRIs and PET scans may not indicate the full extent of the injury. Often other specialists -- neuropsychologists, for instance -- along with the family of the injured person, have to assist doctors in making an accurate diagnosis.

Driver pleads guilty after DUI wreck that took Kenner man's life

The legal matters that arise after a fatal auto accident often relate to both civil and criminal law. For example, if a drunk driver caused the fatal crash, then the driver is likely to face a criminal charge of vehicular homicide. On the civil side of things, the family of the deceased may bring a claim of wrongful death. This sort of civil action is meant to provide the family with compensation for the following:

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