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Posts tagged "medical expenses"

Insurance industry identifies top 10 days for car wrecks

It comes as no surprise that higher traffic volume results in more traffic accidents. The dangers of drinking and driving are all too familiar. But when high traffic volume and alcohol consumption combine, the results can be serious, and deadly, for Louisiana drivers.

Premature aging of brain a possible effect of head injury

Louisiana individuals who have traumatic brain injuries or loved ones with traumatic brain injuries may be interested to learn that those injuries may cause the brain to age prematurely. This was suggested in a study published in a medical journal in April.

The dangers of distracted driving

With the sharp rise in cellphone use among drivers in Louisiana and across the U.S. over the last decade, distracted driving has become a very important safety topic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 421,000 people were injured in car accidents involving distracted drivers in 2012, and 3,328 people were killed.

1 Louisiana driver killed, another injured in highway accident

A Louisiana woman was killed in a two-vehicle crash on Oct. 16 at some time after 4 p.m., according to state troopers. The 83-year-old woman was driving her Lincoln MKZ on Joor Road. She was headed north when she came to a stop at the LA Highway 64 intersection and attempted to turn left. She turned into the path of a 51-year-old male driver traveling east on the highway and was struck by his Dodge pickup truck.

Knowing your legal and medical options after a brain injury

In so many ways, the things that define you -- your wishes, fears, memories, passions, knowledge, love -- are all housed in your brain. When someone suffers a serious brain injury, every aspect of that person's life could be affected. That is why proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation after a brain injury are so important.