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18-wheeler hits 3 cars in front of Louisiana Walmart

According to the Louisiana State Police, an 18-wheeler driven by a 27-year-old man hit two cars stopped at a red light from behind and then hit another car head on. The accident occurred on Highway 90 in front of the Boutte, Louisiana, Walmart store.

Most common causes of commercial vehicle accidents

Louisiana residents may be curious about the repercussions of large truck collisions. Commercial trucks may pose unique threats to smaller-sized vehicles during an accident. Truck drivers should be extremely cautious while on the road, and other vehicle drivers should be aware that not using extra caution when driving near a large truck could lead to a collision.

Truck accident causes 10th bridge fatality

A safety truck driver, 57, was killed on a Louisiana causeway when a garbage truck hit his vehicle on Nov. 3, causing it to fall into Lake Pontchartrain. According to authorities, this represents the 10th fatality on that part of the bridge where barriers are low. Recent attempts to raise the height of the barriers have not been funded as of this time.

Large truck accident statistics

Louisiana residents may be unaware of facts relating to large truck accident statistics. In the United States, 333,000 large trucks, which are vehicles that have a gross weight of over 10,000 pounds, were involved in an accident in 2012. Of the those accidents, 3,921 people were killed and 104,000 people were injured.

Who can be held liable for a truck accident?

Multiple parties -- not just the truck driver -- may be liable for injuries suffered in a truck accident. If you have been hurt in a collision with a large commercial vehicle, then all of the parties that might be responsible should be identified and then notified of your injuries.

Bill would increase insurance coverage in truck accidents

Injurious auto accidents lead to questions of insurance coverage and liability, and some of the most devastating crashes involve large commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, the minimum liability insurance required for the trucking industry may not cover the full cost of a serious accident. This leaves injured motorists wondering how they will pay for medical care and other damages.

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