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Michael Brown’s family files wrongful death claim

Many Louisiana residents who have been following the Michael Brown case may be interested to learn that the deceased man’s family filed a wrongful death case against the police officer who was involved in their loved one’s death. However, a report noted the problems the family may face in their attempt to seek compensation for their loss.

First, the reporter noted that the two defendants, the officer accused of excessive force in the death of Brown and the former police chief of Ferguson, were both working in a profession that often provides protection against civil liability. As such, the officer could potentially seek to have the case dismissed by claiming that he used his best judgment while serving civilians.

Even if the case moves forward, the reporter noted several high-profile wrongful death cases that saw mixed results. In some of the cases, such as in the case of O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake, the family members were awarded compensation from the defendants. In several other cases, including the cases involving Trayvon Martin and Sean Bell, the family was awarded compensation from a homeowners association and from the city, respectively. Ultimately, if the family can prove that unnecessary excessive force caused the death of Brown, the family may be successful with their case.

Unless there is clear, strong evidence that a loved one died due to negligence or excessive force, it can be difficult for families to be successful with their wrongful death case. An attorney can potentially assist with gathering any and all evidence that may strengthen the family’s case against the defendant or defendants. In some cases, if it appears that the family may not be successful against the person who was involved, the lawsuit may potentially be filed against the city or association that may have allowed the situation to occur.

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