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Irregular heartbeat treatment and brain injuries

Louisiana residents who have had to undergo catheter ablation for their irregular heartbeats should know that this treatment has been linked to causing brain injuries. This is according to a study conducted by researchers at UC San Francisco.

Catheter ablation is a common treatment for irregular heartbeats. If the procedure is done on the left side or ventricle of the heart, which supplies blood to the brain, it may cause brain lesions. These resulting lesions may be linked to cognitive decline.

Premature ventricular contractions, or PVCs, are excess heartbeats that originate in the ventricles. They interrupt the heart’s regular beat rhythm and are generally not a cause for concern. According to recent research, however, PVCs can be effective predictors of heart failure and can be factors in very troublesome symptoms.

The researchers evaluated patients who had undergone catheter ablation for abnormal heartbeats for the lower chamber of the heart. They discovered that there was a higher rate of asymptomatic brain injuries caused by embolism for patients who received the treatment in the heart’s left ventricle than those who had the procedure performed on the right ventricle, which supplies blood to the lungs.

A blockage or embolism occurs when an object travels from one part of the body to another through the bloodstream. Catheters that are used in the ablation process on the heart’s left side might lead to a brain injury if an obstruction, such as a blood clot, is created or displaced by the catheter and reaches the brain.

Individuals who sustain brain injuries due to the negligence of a medical professional may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney may work to verify the negligent parties and hold them financially responsible. A financial settlement may be used for long-term rehabilitation and more.

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