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How video can help with an accident investigation

There are many reasons why a Louisiana resident may be involved in a truck accident. In some cases, the driver of the truck may have been distracted, driving too fast for road conditions or making unsafe lane changes when the collision occurred. However, truck drivers are not always at fault when an accident takes place. In fact, car owners are responsible for the majority of collisions involving big rigs that occur in the United States.

If a camera captures the events just before and during an accident, it may be easier to determine who was at fault for causing it. Increasingly, cameras are being used by state agencies, and those who reconstruct accident scenes have used video taken by witnesses to help do their jobs effectively. While video may not be conclusive enough on its own, it is often cited as a useful tool in helping with an investigation.

Those who reconstruct accident scenes are looking for key pieces of evidence such as when the driver first applied the brakes. Investigators also want to know if the cruise control was on just prior to an accident. If a lane departure warning system was engaged, it may be possible to determine if an improper lane change caused an accident to occur or played a role in causing a collision.

Those who are injured in a semi truck accident may be entitled to compensation if the truck driver was negligent in causing the accident. Negligence may occur if a driver took actions that he or she knew were unsafe or should have known were unsafe. For instance, a driver who was distracted when an accident occurred may have acted in a negligent manner.

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