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Growing use of safety technology in all vehicles

Louisiana motorists will be able to take advantage of more vehicle safety technology in the future. Experts say that the new features will lead to greater safety for older drivers in particular. The already-available dashboard cameras that show what is behind a vehicle will be mandatory starting in 2018 while automated emergency brakes will become standard by 2022. Automated parking and adaptive headlights are also on the way.

Older drivers may be more vulnerable to car accident injuries or confusion at busy and chaotic intersections. They might also be less able to get a complete view of any potential hazards if they have a smaller range of motion. With baby boomers edging past 70, this older population of drivers is growing. The AARP intends to start educating older adults about the benefits of safety technology, but studies show that drivers over 50 are already beginning to place a higher priority on vehicles that include these features.

While some experts believe that Google is overly optimistic in its prediction that it will have self-driving cars on the road by 2020, autonomous vehicles may be available by the time the over-70 population hits 54 million in 2030. Even if self-driving cars are still not widely available at that point, autonomous technology will continue to increase in vehicles.

Unfortunately, this technology will still not eliminate human error. A person who is injured in a car accident might want to consult with an attorney. A victim may face medical expenses and costs from lost income that are not adequately compensated by the insurance company of the driver responsible for the accident. Through a civil lawsuit, the victim may be able to receive just compensation.

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