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Child motor vehicle deaths

Parents in Louisiana who are concerned about the welfare of their children should know that the South has the highest number of child fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents. This is according to research from the UT Southwestern Medical Center and Harvard University. Factors such as accidents on rural roads and using restraints improperly are thought to contribute to the high rate of child deaths.

The study is the first of its kind to examine state-based trends in child deaths due to auto crashes. It is also the first to take into account the variations in geography as well as state regulations and statutes.

The four-year time period examined in the study covered 2010 to 2014. During that time, 2,885 children were killed in motor vehicle wrecks, a number that represents almost 16 percent of the total number of children involved in fatal wrecks and a mortality rate of 0.94 per 100,000 children a year.

The researchers found that state-level rules and regulations as well as their continuous enforcement were necessary factors in stopping childhood auto fatalities. The revision of inadequate regulations and enhancing enforcement could save lives.

Ensuring the proper use of restraints, such as seat belts and car seats, seemed to show the most promise in curtailing fatalities. An analysis of the study’s data showed that an increase of just 10 percent in the proper use of restraints could lower the annual number of deaths by 230 or by 1,100 in five years.

Individuals who are injured in a car accident should discuss their legal options with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may examine the factors of a case and may pursue damages against the parties whose negligent behavior, such as texting and driving or drunk driving, resulted in a hit-and-run or a head-on collision.

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