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Distracted driving puts emergency responders at risk

First responders in Louisiana and across the U.S. are under constant threat from distracted drivers, according to a recent survey released by the National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. As a result, safety advocates are urging drivers to use more caution when driving past emergency scenes.

Parents share worries about teen driving

When educating teens about driving and staying safe while on the road, parents may need to consider what they tell children about being both a driver and a passenger. One study indicates that teens need to be aware of safety when driving with other teens, and Louisiana residents may wish to know more about this study.

Automatic braking can lead to fewer crashes

Advanced safety features in vehicles have likely made cars safer, according to a new study released by GM. It found that automatic braking has reduced rear collisions by 46% while other features have offered additional benefits to drivers. Fewer collisions mean that there are fewer traffic injuries and fatalities in Louisiana and on roads throughout the country. The study looked at 3.8 million vehicles from model years 2013 to 2017 to gather data and come to its conclusions.

Auto accident statistics show red light deaths highest in decade

Louisiana drivers will be schooled in stopping at red lights from the time they learn to drive. It is one of the most basic requirements. Unfortunately, many accidents are due to drivers who do not adhere to this law. Recent research uncovered a worrying trend regarding red light violations, and drivers should be aware of it.

Drowsy driving more widespread than previously thought

Various government reports have revealed that 1% to 2% of all car crashes in Louisiana and across the U.S. involve drowsy driving. Yet AAA researchers, in a 2018 study, reported that the number is more like 9.5%. In fact, it may be higher because drowsy driving is not only increasingly common but also hard to detect. Police usually have to rely on drivers' testimony, and drivers may lie.

Traffic deaths reach 40,000 for third consecutive year

The National Safety Council has released its preliminary estimates on traffic injuries and fatalities in 2018, and it appears that for the third year in a row, fatalities have exceeded the 40,000 mark. Residents of Louisiana should know that 2018 saw a 1% decrease in both fatalities and injuries. Yet compared to 2015, the number of fatalities is up by 14%.

Drowsy driving and its safety risks

In a AAA survey, almost one third of respondents admitted that they had driven at least once in the past month in such a drowsy condition that they could hardly keep their eyes open. Louisiana residents should be aware that there are several factors that are making drowsy driving almost unavoidable for many. Few areas in the nation have comprehensive public transport systems, for example.

Some safety technology could distract older drivers

Louisiana residents concerned about road safety might like to know about a new study on distracted driving conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The report suggests that in-vehicle technology typically distracts older drivers more than their younger counterparts.

The top causes of car crashes in the U.S.

In 2018, there were around 40,000 traffic deaths throughout the United States, marking it the third straight year that crash-related fatalities reached that devastating number. By understanding the top causes of car accidents, Louisiana drivers could reduce their risk of getting in a crash and save lives.

Fourth of July is the deadliest DUI holiday

Independence Day can be deadly on Louisiana highways. According to one survey of DUI fatality information, the Fourth of July is the most dangerous holiday when it comes to drunk driving deaths. There is a 23% increase in DUI fatalities on the Fourth in comparison to six other major holidays. Independence Day is generally full of outdoor activities, including fireworks, picnics and beach activities. Unfortunately, many people may still choose to drive after drinking at the festivities.

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