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How Long Does It Take To Settle An Accident Claim in New Orleans?

How Long Does it take to Settle an Accident Claim

One of the first questions that injured clients ask is: How long does it take to settle an accident claim in New Orleans? Every accident is unique, and there is no definitive answer as to how long your claim will take. However, there are some factors and circumstances that will impact the length of the accident claim process.

For example, if your case goes to trial, the process might take years. Other cases can be settled in months. A personal injury attorney can review your case and give you a better idea of how they think your case will progress and how long they think it will take to resolve.

A Fast Settlement Does Not Always Mean The Best Settlement

Most parties in an injury action want the claim to be resolved as quickly as possible. However, claims can only be settled when both sides reach an agreement. If you want to secure maximum compensation for your losses, a fast settlement should not be your focus. Ensuring that you are fully and fairly compensated requires that you thoroughly evaluate your losses.

It is critical to demonstrate the extent of your injuries and if and how they might impact you in the future. You might need to hire experts to testify about your injuries and the medical bills you expect to incur in the future because of your accident-related injuries. 

If you rush the process and accept an inadequate settlement, you might be stuck paying out of pocket for medical bills and other losses.

Maximizing Your Accident Claim Value


As mentioned above, cases can settle at any point during the accident claim process. You might have the opportunity to settle your claim right after the accident. Insurance representatives are often quick to encourage a settlement before you have learned the extent of your injuries and other losses. 

For various reasons, some cases take longer to reach a settlement for maximum compensation than others. Sometimes defendants and their insurance companies will hold out on agreeing to fully compensate you for your losses to see if you will accept a lower offer. They also sometimes wait on a settlement to see if you are prepared to take your claim to trial.

That is why it is critical to have an attorney preparing your case for trial throughout the legal process. When the defense knows you are ready to take your claim before a Louisiana court, they will often be willing to offer more to avoid a trial and settle your case. 

Factors That Can Impact How Long It Takes To Settle

Numerous factors can impact how long it will take to settle your claim. Some circumstances that often lead to a longer settlement process include the following:

  • Complex injury claims that require medical evaluations, medical expert testimony, and future medical expense calculations. When injuries are permanent, you might also need financial experts to offer testimony about your loss of earning capacity.
  • When liability is disputed, the settlement process often takes longer. Both sides take time to investigate and gather evidence. They frequently hire experts, such as accident reconstruction professionals, to prove their cases.
  • When more than one defendant is involved in a case, it can take longer to review evidence to determine the cause of the accident and whether more than one party is liable. 
  • When plaintiffs do not seek legal advice to begin the claim process right away, it can extend the length of time it takes to settle their cases. New Orleans attorneys know how to investigate accidents efficiently, gather evidence, and prepare all necessary legal filings.  

Begin The Legal Process As Soon As Possible

Begining the Legal Process ASAP

It is always best to seek legal advice as soon as possible after an accident. Investigating accidents is easier when evidence can be collected and preserved right away. Critical evidence can be lost or disappear if you wait too long after the accident to begin the investigation. You might also lose your right to make a claim for your losses if the statute of limitations expires.

Meet With A Louisiana Attorney To Discuss Your Accident Claim

Contact The Law Offices of Chip Forstall at 504-483-3400 or fill out our online form to meet with a Louisiana attorney and discuss your accident claim. We will review your accident and resulting injuries. We will also answer your questions about the legal process to resolve your accident claim.

Our goal is to help our clients secure maximum compensation as efficiently as possible. If someone else caused your accident, we will do everything we can to help you get the financial compensation that you deserve.  

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