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Parents share worries about teen driving

When educating teens about driving and staying safe while on the road, parents may need to consider what they tell children about being both a driver and a passenger. One study indicates that teens need to be aware of safety when driving with other teens, and Louisiana residents may wish to know more about this study.

In a survey of almost 900 parents with teens ages 14-18, around 60 percent of parents reported distracted driving when it came to a teen’s friends. This meant that a teen told a parent about a friend who lost focus while driving. Parents were asked multiple questions about letting a teen ride with other teens without parental supervision.

Parents had shared concerns when it came to teen drivers. The biggest concerns for parents included cell phone usage, loud music and the number of teens in a car. Many parents prohibited their teen from riding with a new teen driver if a trip involved more than two teens or driving on the highway.

Road conditions also made a difference when allowing a teen to ride with other teens. Parents had concerns if the weather was bad or if teens would be on the road after midnight. Road conditions mattered to parents because they often felt teen drivers did not have enough experience behind the wheel in situations that could be hazardous.

Preventable vehicle crashes can be caused by drivers of all ages due to distracted driving. A personal injury suit might provide a victim with compensation for expenses related to a wreck like medical costs and property damage. A person could be liable when texting and driving leads to a car accident, and an attorney may use cell phone records or witness statements to show that a motorist was texting at the time of a crash.

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