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CVSA’s brake inspection spree to go from September 15 to 21

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a week-long inspection spree to enforce brake safety among CMVs, especially big rigs. This spree, called Brake Safety Week, has been scheduled to take place from September 15 to 21, so truckers in Louisiana will want to make sure they are meeting the federal requirements for regular truck maintenance.

A functioning brake system is essential to truck safety. Brake hoses and tubing, which are the special focus of the 2019 Brake Safety Week, are just some of the more important components. These should not leak, and they should be properly attached and flexible. Otherwise, truckers may find that it takes longer than usual for their vehicle to come to a stop. These are the issues that often contribute to rear-end collisions.

During Brake Safety Week, inspectors across North America will be stopping trucks at random. If truckers pass the inspection, their vehicle will have a CVSA decal put on it. If they fail, they will be put out of service until the problem behind the violation is fixed.

Brake-related violations are more widespread than some might think. During the CVSA’s three-day International Roadcheck back in 2018, more than 4,500 truckers were issued out-of-service orders for brake violations. These made up 45% of all the out-of-service violations issued.

When truckers neglect maintenance and cause a traffic accident as a result, those who are injured may have grounds for a claim. They will need to file their claim within one year of the date of the accident, but before they do, they may want to have a legal representative by their side. A lawyer might hire third-party investigators to assist with gathering proof. Maintenance records, for example, may show that the trucker failed to address a brake problem.

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