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The top causes of car crashes in the U.S.

In 2018, there were around 40,000 traffic deaths throughout the United States, marking it the third straight year that crash-related fatalities reached that devastating number. By understanding the top causes of car accidents, Louisiana drivers could reduce their risk of getting in a crash and save lives.

According to federal crash data, drunk driving continues to be a leading cause of car crashes in the U.S. Alcohol reduces a driver’s response times and alertness, which greatly increases the risk of getting into a wreck. To avoid drunk driving accidents, drivers who have been drinking should wait until they are sober before getting behind the wheel or arrange for alternate transportation. Distracted driving is also a major cause of traffic accidents. Smartphones and GPS devices are often blamed for distracting drivers, but things like eating, drinking or putting on makeup can also cause drivers to take their attention from the road and cause a collision. Safety experts say that drivers should keep their eyes on the road at all times to avoid crashes.

Speeding is also a common cause of car accidents. The faster a driver is going, the more difficult it is for him or her to slow down in the event of an emergency. Therefore, drivers should always obey the posted speed limits while on the road. Reckless driving and running red lights are also dangerous behaviors that lead to a lot of crashes. In order to protect themselves and others, drivers must always obey traffic laws while operating a vehicle. Finally, weather conditions like rain and snow can make roads slippery and dangerous. Drivers should remember to slow down during inclement weather to reduce the risk of accidents.

Motor vehicle accident victims might need to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover medical expenses and other losses. An attorney may prepare a victim’s claim and push for a fair settlement.

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