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Promising therapy for traumatic brain injury victims

An estimated 3 million people in Louisiana and across the United States experience a traumatic brain injury each year. The damage sustained during a traumatic brain injury can cause permanent side effects or death.

There are currently no treatment options available for traumatic brain injuries. A recent study by researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio developed a new therapy that shows promise for brain injury victims. The therapy helps stop cell death from occurring. When tested in mice, the mice who received the treatment had brains that looked similar to those who hadn’t suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The new therapy involves boosting M-type KCNQ potassium ions channels. These channels contain proteins that stop uncontrollable and sudden nerve cell electrical events. When a traumatic brain injury occurs, abnormal electrical currents begin soon after and may be present even before a seizure occurs. The new therapy counteracts these abnormal currents, stopping seizures and cell death before they begin. Scientists believe that the new therapy is revolutionary and can be a benefit for those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury as well as those who have epileptic disorders.

Brain injuries often occur as a result of car accidents or slips and falls. In 2010, 2.5 million people died as a result of a brain injury. Those who survive may have seizure disorders, memory loss and permanent disabilities that affect them the rest of their life. When a traumatic brain injury occurs as a result of negligence, the injured party may be able to collect damages to pay for ongoing medical expenses. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help an injured individual by filing a civil suit. For example, if a brain injury was sustained as a result of an accident with a drunk driver, a suit may be filed against the other driver. If negligence can be proven, compensation may be awarded.

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