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Fourth of July is the deadliest DUI holiday

Independence Day can be deadly on Louisiana highways. According to one survey of DUI fatality information, the Fourth of July is the most dangerous holiday when it comes to drunk driving deaths. There is a 23% increase in DUI fatalities on the Fourth in comparison to six other major holidays. Independence Day is generally full of outdoor activities, including fireworks, picnics and beach activities. Unfortunately, many people may still choose to drive after drinking at the festivities.

Between 2010 and 2017, 1,192 people lost their lives in car accidents linked to drunk driving on the Fourth of July, which is 87 more deaths than what occurred on Memorial Day weekend during the same years. Memorial Day, another summer weather holiday, was the second most deadly occasion for drunk driving. In addition, the Fourth of July is much more dangerous than other summer days; fatalities are 57% more likely during the holiday in comparison to average summer days. The most dangerous holidays are all summer occasions, including the Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. The winter holidays of New Year’s, Thanksgiving and Christmas round out the deadliest drunk driving dates.

Interestingly, researchers found that DUI-related crashes and associated deaths were more likely to take place when Independence Day fell on a weekday. Wednesdays were the most dangerous while Saturdays showed the lowest rate of drunk driving accidents. The data was accumulated by gathering information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which tracks fatal crashes across the country.

Drunk driving is only one of the forms of negligent and dangerous driving that can put lives at risk on the road. People can suffer lifelong injuries and permanent disabilities as a result of drowsy or distracted drivers. A personal injury lawyer may help people injured in a car crash to seek compensation for their damages.

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