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Common complications in truck accidents

For some people in Louisiana, truck accidents may be more serious than motor vehicle accidents involving cars. The weight of trucks means that they can cause more damage to both property and individuals. Furthermore, the process of determining who is at fault can be more complicated. However, there are steps a person can take after a truck accident to help clarify the situation.

First, people involved in an accident should try to ensure that everyone is safe and contact emergency services. Next, if possible, they should take photos and collect eyewitness information. They should also try to get copies of the police report. All of this information can be useful in determining liability.

One aspect of this may be finding out whether the driver violated any trucking regulations. For example, to prevent fatigue, a driver is not supposed to drive more than a certain number of hours per day. Trucks may also come equipped with a black box that records speed and other data. If the truck did cause the accident, it still may be necessary to find out whether the driver is an owner-operator or if the trucking company owns the truck. Trucking companies and insurance companies may take steps to try to avoid paying any compensation or to try and pay very little.

This can cause serious issues for anyone who has suffered catastrophic injuries, including broken bones or a traumatic brain injury, in a truck accident. Whether the accident was caused by faulty equipment, truck driver fatigue, careless driving or other actions, an attorney may be able to assist an injured person in getting compensation. This compensation can be important for covering medical expenses and lost wages among other costs. If the responsible parties will not pay or offer insufficient compensation, the attorney might recommend filing a lawsuit.

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