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Can a defective motorcycle cause an accident?

Can a defective motorcycle cause an accident?

Motorcycle accidents in Louisiana can take lives, especially as motorcyclists are relatively unprotected as they drive. When these crashes are caused by a mechanical defect, bikers could have escaped death or serious injury if their motorcycles had been manufactured correctly. When defects in motor vehicles come to light, the manufacturer may initiate a recall, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may require it to do so. At this time, the manufacturer must file a public safety report that contains details about the defects, including how they depart from federal standards for motorcycle safety.

The report must identify the vehicle involved, the event that led to the determination of the defect, a schedule for the recall and a description of how the problem will be fixed. Manufacturers are also responsible for informing consumers about the defects both through their own dealership purchase records and state vehicle registration details. Unfortunately, many serious recalls are only prompted by catastrophic motorcycle accidents that bring dangerous vehicle defects to light. The manufacturer is required to repair the defective motorcycle at no cost to the consumer, even if the owner of the vehicle is not notified directly about the recall.

Recalls are monitored by the NHTSA under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966. The federal agency releases lists of ongoing recalls each month. However, in some cases, manufacturers fail to comply with their obligations under the law. They may delay repair work or attempt to charge vehicle owners despite the documented defects in a motorcycle.

The costs of defective motorcycles can be significant, especially when a defect can cause motorcyclists to crash and suffer extreme injuries. People who have been hurt in a motorcycle collision caused by a defective bike may consult with a personal injury lawyer about their options to seek compensation.

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