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June 2019 Archives

IIHS on drivers' confusion of ADAS with self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are far from becoming a reality. Yet there are many drivers in Louisiana, as elsewhere, who think that advanced driver assistance systems are capable of autonomous operation. This is a mistake that could cost a driver their life.

Defective motorcycles can be dangerous

Motorcycle accidents in Louisiana can take lives, especially as motorcyclists are relatively unprotected as they drive. When these crashes are caused by a mechanical defect, bikers could have escaped death or serious injury if their motorcycles had been manufactured correctly. When defects in motor vehicles come to light, the manufacturer may initiate a recall, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may require it to do so. At this time, the manufacturer must file a public safety report that contains details about the defects, including how they depart from federal standards for motorcycle safety.

The safety benefits of replacing intersections with roundabouts

Thousands of road users are killed or catastrophically injured in Louisiana and around the country each year in motor vehicle accidents that take place at intersections. The vast majority of intersections in the United States are controlled by stop signs or traffic lights, but research suggests that roundabouts would provide a far more effective way to prevent collisions that result in serious injury or death.

Common complications in truck accidents

For some people in Louisiana, truck accidents may be more serious than motor vehicle accidents involving cars. The weight of trucks means that they can cause more damage to both property and individuals. Furthermore, the process of determining who is at fault can be more complicated. However, there are steps a person can take after a truck accident to help clarify the situation.

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