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Steering and suspension focus of 2019 truck inspection event

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance plans inspection sprees every year to emphasize truck maintenance and compliance with federal regulations. This year, the organization announced that inspectors will emphasize the importance of steering and suspension systems. Drivers of big rigs and buses in Louisiana can expect to undergo a Level I inspection during the 72-hour International Roadcheck inspection spree scheduled for June 4 through 6.

The head of the alliance said that properly working steering and suspension systems are crucial for stability and control during braking and acceleration. Aligned steering also reduces tire wear that could lead to tire failures and loss of control over a truck.

Inspectors will also evaluate the condition of brakes, cargo securement and lights. Drivers will need to produce documentation about their commercial driving licenses, log books and Medical Examiner’s Certificates. In the past, these inspections have taken thousands of vehicles and drivers out of service. In 2018, brakes and tires were the top sources of mechanical violations. Inspectors sidelined drivers for false logs, wrong class license and hours-of-service violations.

Although truck safety inspectors work hard to identify at-risk commercial vehicles, poor truck maintenance continues to contribute to big rig crashes. A person hurt in a semi truck accident might suffer severe injuries and meet with resistance when seeking damages with a personal injury claim. The representation of an attorney might improve the outcome. An attorney could manage the accident investigation and potentially uncover evidence of negligent truck maintenance or defective truck parts. Issues like truck driver fatigue or intoxication might also come to light, which could further aid the effort to secure a financial settlement for medical expenses and lost income.

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