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Root Insurance analyzes distracted driving behaviors

Many drivers in Louisiana and across the US engage in distracting behaviors even though they know they shouldn’t. Root Insurance’s second-annual distracted driving study confirms this fact in addition to other issues. Respondents were found to spend an average of 13 minutes a day using their phones while driving. Even when seeing police around, 38% didn’t bother to put down their mobile devices.

Of the drivers who were surveyed, 52% said that group chats were most likely to take their attention away from the road to their phones while 33% said the same for social media and 18% for video streaming. Root Insurance discovered other unsafe practices among drivers, including grooming (18%), playing with a pet (13%) and changing clothes (12%). It was also revealed that 29% of those surveyed drive without their hands, using their knees or chins instead.

Respondents were also found to criticize in others what they themselves exhibit. 89% claimed they would give a bad rating to an Uber/Lyft driver who texted while driving, and 39% have already done so.

In addition to its annual study, Root Insurance published its 2019 Focused Driving Report. One conclusion it arrived at was that members of Generation Z use their phones approximately 20 times per 100 miles driven. It also determined what states and cities have the most focused drivers.

When a car accident arises because one of the drivers was calling, texting or being distracted in some other way, the other side may be able to file a personal injury claim. A lawyer may evaluate the case, determine the amount for which victims are eligible and negotiate for a fair settlement. Before that, an attorney may hire third parties to obtain proof of the defendant’s negligence, which may include phone records and a copy of the police report.

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