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Tips for safer winter travel

Louisiana motorists who are concerned about winter driving should keep several safety tips in mind. Checking the weather prior to travel, readying a car and being prepared for a stranded event are all ways that winter driving hazards can be mitigated.

One thing Louisiana residents should remember is that traction control comes with many new vehicles. This safety feature makes winter driving much safer by keeping a vehicle stable if it passes over a slippery surface. Traction control also kicks in when a vehicle is stopped and suddenly accelerates or when a vehicle is going up a slippery hill.

If a storm is coming, drivers who are not used to winter travel should consider waiting it out instead of attempting to beat it or drive in it. In the event of a stranding, occupants should remember to never leave the vehicle. They should instead use a bright piece of cloth to help flag down another motorist. The occupants should also take steps to clear snow from the exhaust pipe to prevent hazards.

A car that is going to be traveling in cold weather should also be prepared ahead of time. A mechanic should look over the vehicle and check parts such as the ignition, brakes and tires. Finally, drivers should keep extra supplies in the trunk. Blankets, hats, hand warmers, a shovel and a first aid kit are several staples every driver should keep in case of emergencies. Cat litter can also help provide traction to snowbound tires.

If a car accident results in a personal injury, an attorney could help prove that someone else was at fault. With legal assistance, the injured party could seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages. Compensation may also include lost wages and an alternate mode of transportation in place of the damaged vehicle.

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