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Seat belts could help avoid severe liver injuries

Car accidents may carry severe consequences for people in Louisiana who are seriously injured as a result of a crash. Seat belts and other technologies can, in many cases, help to reduce the severity of these injuries although they may be unable to prevent catastrophic effects. Researchers have noted that wearing a seat belt may not stop liver injuries from occurring as a result of a crash, but it could help reduce the severity of the harm done.

When people suffer a liver injury in a motor vehicle accident, the severity of the injury can make a major difference in outcomes. One study of over 50,000 people with these injuries found that those with severe damage were two times as likely to lose their lives as a result than those with milder or more moderate damage. Fifteen percent of the patients had severe liver injuries, and 15 percent of them died as a result; only 8 percent of people with moderate damage lost their lives. The researchers also noted that people who wore seat belts were less likely to suffer severe liver injuries, especially when airbags were also in use. This effect was not seen with airbags alone, however.

Every year, 2 million people across the country go to the emergency room as a result of injuries caused by car accidents. Tens of thousands of people die in these crashes, and the healthcare costs are estimated to reach almost $1 trillion annually. A large number of serious injuries are related to abdominal trauma, especially organ damage to the liver and the spleen.

While seat belts can help to minimize the damages caused by car crashes, they are often insufficient to prevent serious injuries and lifelong disabilities. A personal injury lawyer might work with people who were injured to pursue compensation for their damages caused by someone else’s negligent driving.

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