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HOS, brake violations among the findings of CVSA’s roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance held its annual International Roadcheck from June 5 to 7. The results of that roadcheck are now out, so truckers in Louisiana may want to know what the most frequently cited violations were.

A total of 67,502 roadside inspections were conducted with 45,400 of them being Level I inspections. These inspections are the most comprehensive, covering both driver- and vehicle-related safety standards. The number of inspections was greater than last year, but fewer out-of-service orders were issued.

In all, 11,897 vehicles were put out of service, including 21.6 percent of the trucks that underwent a Level I inspection. The top three out-of-service violations were linked to the brake systems at 28.4 percent, tires and wheels at 19.1 percent and brake adjustment at 16.3 percent. Incidentally, the CVSA is holding an inspection spree solely for brake violations. Brake Safety Week takes place this year from September 16 to 22.

Just over 2,660 drivers were issued out-of-service orders, 43.7 percent of them for violating hours-of-service regulations. The ELD mandate, which went into effect December 2017, brought HOS compliance into the spotlight and became the focus of this year’s roadcheck. About 21 percent were put out of service for having the wrong class of license, and 10 percent were sidelined for false records of duty status.

HOS compliance is so important because it can prevent truck driver fatigue, among other hazards. Drowsy driving is a factor in many truck accidents, but victims of such accidents may have the grounds for a claim. If successful, they might be compensated for their past and future medical expenses, lost income, vehicle damage and other losses. Trucking companies are often aggressive in denying claims, so a lawyer’s network of professionals may work to bring together the proof of negligence, such as the police report and work log.

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