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Tips for avoiding car accidents

Many auto accidents in Louisiana are caused by human error, which makes them preventable. If drivers consider the following tips, they can drastically reduce their risks for a crash. The first is to avoid all distracting behaviors while on the road; this includes all cell phone use, eating, putting on makeup, reading, reaching into the backseat and adjusting the audio system. Having a large number of passengers can also lead drivers to engage in distracting conversations.

While it may seem obvious, drivers should make sure to obey traffic laws. Going below the speed limit and avoiding the fast lane can make drivers less prone to reckless behavior. Drivers should also use turn signals, obey all road signs and keep a safe distance from the vehicles in front. Being a defensive driver is also essential. This means watching out for swerving drivers, looking beyond cars in front and being aware of blind spots.

When possible, drivers should avoid going out at night and in heavy snow, rain or wind. Drinking and driving is also a bad idea. If drivers find that they are drowsy, they should pull over rather than push on. Lastly, vehicle maintenance has a large part to play in preventing accidents. Good tires and brakes will reduce stopping distance, and proper maintenance can enhance steering and handling.

When negligence is behind a car accident, an innocent victim may be able to file a claim that covers injuries and vehicle damage. To achieve the maximum settlement, the victim may want to obtain legal representation. A lawyer can even negotiate for the settlement and prepare the case for court if these negotiations fall through.

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