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August 2018 Archives

Rural roundabouts reduce serious car accident injuries

Though they're several states apart, Louisiana motorists may be interested in something that North Carolina residents know: roundabouts in rural areas save lives. That state began installing roundabouts out in the country after a 21-year-old pregnant woman was killed in an intersection by a driver who ran a stop sign.

IIHS puts autonomous car safety systems to the test

Much has been said and written in Louisiana and around the country in recent years about the impact that autonomous automobile safety systems and self-driving cars will have on road safety. Some experts say that this technology will eliminate the human error that causes the overwhelming majority of motor vehicle accidents and save thousands of lives each year, but a study released recently by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that current autonomous systems are far from reliable and a great deal more development and testing is needed.

Tips for avoiding car accidents

Many auto accidents in Louisiana are caused by human error, which makes them preventable. If drivers consider the following tips, they can drastically reduce their risks for a crash. The first is to avoid all distracting behaviors while on the road; this includes all cell phone use, eating, putting on makeup, reading, reaching into the backseat and adjusting the audio system. Having a large number of passengers can also lead drivers to engage in distracting conversations.

How to recognize and avoid drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is a greater problem than many Louisiana residents might think. In 2018, AAA reported that the number of crashes involving drowsy drivers is actually eight times higher than federal estimates indicate. In a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, 60 percent of adults admitted to driving drowsy, and 37 percent admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel.

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