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Negligent maintenance can make truck brakes dangerous

Drivers in New Orleans can face a real threat from commercial trucks whose braking systems are not properly maintained. Due to the weight and mass of this type of vehicle, poorly maintained brakes can lead to devastating crashes and accompanying severe injuries. The risk posed by dangerous truck brakes to everyone else on the road is one reason the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is organizing a national Brake Safety Week between September 16-22, 2018. In 2017, the brake safety initiative had been cut back to one day, but in 2018, the safety alliance is returning to its previous annual one-week schedule.

During Brake Safety Week, truck inspectors enhance enforcement efforts to pull dangerous trucks off the road and require them to receive proper maintenance. Complete, Level I inspections are the standard during the safety week, with a particular focus on damaged or negligently maintained braking components. These include looking for missing brake parts, loose parts, leaks in air or hydraulic fluid, mismatched air chambers, defective conditions for rotors, damaged air reservoirs, missing brake system warning devices, worn linings, pads, drums and rotors and other brake issues.

When truck brakes are not properly maintained, it can be difficult for a truck driver to keep control of the vehicle in slippery or emergent conditions, leading to devastating truck accidents. Despite the danger, during the 2017 brake safety initiative, a full 14 percent of inspected trucks were pulled off of the road for improperly maintained brake systems.

Truck accidents can have severe and devastating effects on their victims, especially due to the power of the vehicles involved. When a person is injured in a crash due to poorly maintained truck brakes, a personal injury lawyer can help them seek recompense. An attorney can work to help accident victims pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

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