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How technology may play a role in minimizing driver distractions

For the better part of a decade, a growing number of car accidents in Louisiana and other states have been blamed on drivers distracted by technology. Ironically, it’s technology that could play a role in blocking certain communications while driving that may help curb the problem. According to a National Safety Council survey, about half of the more than 2,000 drivers surveyed would leave such technologies in place to minimize distractions.

One company has developed what they hope will be a widely accepted and available solution that may minimize the risk of having an auto accident because of some type of tech-related distraction. The device, called Groove, is placed below the steering wheel where it links to a cloud server that tells the driver’s mobile provider their customer is driving. The provider then blocks all incoming communications, including social media updates, texts and emails. It also blocks the driver from texting or posting while driving. When someone tries to contact a driver, they’ll get a message notifying them that the recipient is driving.

Some mobile providers are coming up with their own solutions, such as free apps that silence incoming messages. However, such apps don’t block all incoming notifications. Another company has developed a product called Drive ID, which includes a solar-powered car attachment and an app that work together to detect who is actually driving, so only the driver’s mobile access is blocked.

If a car accident is caused by a negligent driver who was using a device while driving, anyone injured as a result of that negligence may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer may be able to interview witnesses and review records of mobile device activity to prove that the responsible party was distracted at the time of the incident.

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