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Safe Driver Week set for July

Each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance spearheads Operation Safe Driver Week. The goal of the traffic safety enforcement crackdown is to limit unsafe driving habits and the accidents they cause. This year, the event is scheduled for July 15 - 21 throughout Louisiana and the rest of the nation.

The goal of Operation Safe Driver Week is noble given that most vehicle crashes are caused by driver behavior. In fact, 88 percent of all truck crashes and 93 percent of all passenger vehicle crashes are caused by human error. By heavily enforcing traffic laws, the CVSA hopes to correct many of the drive errors that lead to these accidents.

By all accounts, 2017's Operation Safe Driver Week was a success. According to the CVSA, last year's event saw almost 39,000 citations and written warnings issued to commercial drivers. The majority of those violations were for state and local moving violations. Drivers were also frequently cited for speeding, driving without a seat belt, using a mobile device while driving and failing to obey roadway control devices. Only 18 drivers were ticketed for driving a commercial vehicle while sick or fatigued.

A collision with a tractor-trailer can lead to serious injuries and property damage. An individual injured in a truck accident might have a claim for damages if the collision was caused by the trucker's negligence. These damages can include hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, lost wages and more. An attorney with experience in personal injury law may be able to help a client negotiate for a maximum settlement.

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