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National safety group hopes to end fatal accidents by 2050

Despite recent efforts to curb the epidemic, an average of around 100 people die on American highways every day. A transportation safety group is seeking to reduce the number of traffic fatalities in Louisiana and across the country to zero by 2050.

Known as Road to Zero, the 675-member safety coalition is headed by the National Safety Council. On April 22, 2018, the group released a written report outlining their plan for reducing traffic fatalities to zero by 2050. The report, written by Rand Corp, highlights three major goals over the coming years.

First, Road to Zero wants to advance efforts that have already been proven effective. This includes increasing seat belt usage. While already at a respectable 90 percent, it is the hope of Road to Zero to increase seat belt usage to 100 percent. Second, Road to Zero intends to accelerate the advancement of safety technology. This includes improving access to trauma centers in rural areas. Finally, it wants to create a safety-first culture that focuses on lowering vehicle speed, eliminating distracted driving, and ending driving under the influence. The group also hopes to build a dialogue between professional truck drivers and car drivers.

The goal of Road to Zero is noble. But even if it is successful, it is inevitable that there will be a significant number of traffic accidents for years to come. An individual injured in a traffic accident may face broken bones and be unable to return to work. If those injuries are due to the negligence of another driver, that individual may have a claim for damages. An attorney with experience in personal injury law may be of assistance in seeking appropriate compensation.

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