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Soft tissue damage and its symptoms

Most drivers in Louisiana have heard of whiplash, but they may not be aware that this condition is just one type of soft tissue injury. The straining, spraining or tearing of the soft tissues of the body, which include the muscles, tendons and ligaments, can be caused by any sudden and uncontrolled movement. These conditions arise most often in car accidents because of the suddenness of an impact.

Symptoms of soft tissue damage range from aches and pains to chronic inflammation and bleeding within the affected area. Victims may also notice a diminishment in the function of some of their limbs. Since symptoms don’t always appear immediately, many victims experience no problems until days after an accident. This leads some to delay treatment. On top of that, soft tissue injuries are difficult for X-rays to detect, which makes diagnosis problematic.

Whiplash in the neck is a common outcome of rear-end collisions. Since the head weighs a lot, it can seriously damage soft tissue when it snaps back and forth. Whiplash can lead to shooting pains and sometimes even spinal disc herniation. Others report a burning, tingling sensation in the neck. Headaches, dizziness, memory loss and PTSD-like symptoms may also arise.

No matter what the injuries are, the victim of a car accident may want legal representation when filing a claim against a reckless driver. A personal injury lawyer can hire investigators to bring together the police report, physical evidence from the accident scene and any other proof showing how the at-fault party was negligent.

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