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Helmets can help protect motorcyclists’ spines

Motorcycle drivers in Louisiana may be concerned about how to face the risks they deal with every time they take the roadways. Because motorcyclists and their bodies are open to the elements, when they suffer an accident, they are at particular risk of serious injuries, lifelong disabilities and even fatalities. Motorcyclists can use equipment in order to reduce their risk; federal statistics indicate that in 2016, 1,859 people’s lives were saved due to wearing helmets while driving their motorcycles. In addition, researchers indicated that another 802 lives could have been saved that year if all motorcyclists wore helmets when taking to the roads.

Using a motorcycle helmet is known to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. However, there have been concerns that the weight of the helmet could potentially increase torque on the cervical spine, therefore not preventing spine injuries or even making them more likely. However, a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin recently showed that wearing a helmet in a motorcycle accident does actually lower the likelihood of a fracture to the cervical spine.

Researchers reviewed the medical charts of over 1,000 people who were hospitalized after motorcycle crash injuries between 2010 and 2015 and found favorable results for people wearing helmets. Of the riders involved, 738 did not wear helmets and 323 did. Of those who did not wear a helmet, 15.4 percent suffered a cervical spine injury, but only 7.4 percent of the helmeted riders did.

Every day, motorcyclists’ lives are at risk due to others’ negligent, dangerous or distracted driving. People who have been injured in a motorcycle crash through no fault of their own may face substantial medical bills and ongoing pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help these motorcyclists to seek damages from those responsible for causing the accident.

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