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March 2018 Archives

CVSA schedules 2018 International Roadcheck for June

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts a 72-hour International Roadcheck across the country, where inspectors stop commercial truck drivers and bus drivers at random and check for compliance with safety guidelines. Truckers in Louisiana should know that this year's inspection spree will be conducted from June 5 to June 7 and that the CVSA will be conducting the most thorough inspections possible, Level I inspections.

Helmets can help protect motorcyclists' spines

Motorcycle drivers in Louisiana may be concerned about how to face the risks they deal with every time they take the roadways. Because motorcyclists and their bodies are open to the elements, when they suffer an accident, they are at particular risk of serious injuries, lifelong disabilities and even fatalities. Motorcyclists can use equipment in order to reduce their risk; federal statistics indicate that in 2016, 1,859 people's lives were saved due to wearing helmets while driving their motorcycles. In addition, researchers indicated that another 802 lives could have been saved that year if all motorcyclists wore helmets when taking to the roads.

Soft tissue damage and its symptoms

Most drivers in Louisiana have heard of whiplash, but they may not be aware that this condition is just one type of soft tissue injury. The straining, spraining or tearing of the soft tissues of the body, which include the muscles, tendons and ligaments, can be caused by any sudden and uncontrolled movement. These conditions arise most often in car accidents because of the suddenness of an impact.

OOIDA seeks rehearing of sleep apnea lawsuit

Drivers who get behind the wheel on Louisiana highways may be particularly concerned about the threat posed by truck accidents. A collision with a large semitruck or tractor-trailer can cause severe injuries, major property damage and even death. Because of the size, weight and mass of these vehicles, accidents can be particularly damaging. There are many concerns about dangerous driving and large trucks, but drowsy driving is one of the most alarming and devastating causes of major accidents.