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Time limits for reporting a car accident

Car accidents are a common occurrence on Louisiana roadways. While the first priority after a car accident should be to obtain medical attention for any injured drivers or passengers, drivers should also contact the police to make a report and exchange contact information and insurance information.

car accident should almost always be reported to the insurance companies for all parties involved as soon as possible. There are few exceptions. For example, if the accident only involved one vehicle and the damage was minor, it may not be necessary to contact an insurance company. This is especially true if the cost of repair is less than the insurance deductible.

Drivers should always review their policy to determine when reporting is required. Most insurance companies have 24-hour reporting lines. While state laws may require drivers to report accidents to police within specified periods of time, the time for reporting an accident to an insurance company varies according to each company’s policy.

Drivers should keep in mind that they will be held liable for any damage that occurs to another person’s property if the accident was their fault. Drivers should generally contact both their own insurance company and the at-fault driver’s company as soon as possible after an accident because claims may be time-barred if the claimant waits too long.

Anyone who has been injured as a result of another driver’s negligence may also wish to contact an attorney. Car accidents can cause serious injuries, resulting in costly medical expenses, lost time from work and extensive time spent in recovery. An attorney may be able to help injured accident victims recover compensation for these losses.

An attorney might help car accident victims file claims under their own policies when the at-fault driver’s policy does not fully cover their losses. For example, many policies cover the insured person’s medical expenses regardless of fault.

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