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How teen motorcyclists can prepare for the road

Teens in Louisiana and across the U.S. who have obtained their motorcycle license will want to take a few precautions before heading out on the road. Teen motorcyclists file 5.7 more accident claims than those between the ages of 35 and 50, and motorcyclists in general are 35 times more likely to get into accidents than automobile drivers.

Teens should first take a training course if they haven’t yet; the DMV can provide a list of approved courses. It’s worth keeping in mind that 90 percent of motorcyclists who are involved in a crash had no formal training. Teens should then purchase the proper safety gear including gloves, boots that go over the ankles, shatterproof goggles, etc. Pants and jackets should be durable; reflective clothing is also recommended.

Purchasing a helmet is especially important. Teens should choose one that’s approved by the Department of Transportation. Non-DoT-approved helmets tend to be lightweight and contain no energy-absorbing foam. If teens have not purchased a motorcycle yet, they should consider safety and cost efficiency over looking cool.

Speeding is a bad idea no matter how enticing the open road is. Teens should also refrain from having passengers until they gain more experience as the extra weight will increase braking times and make turning harder.

Even if motorcyclists follow all the rules, they’re still in danger of being hurt by the negligence of drivers. When a motorcycle accident occurs because the other driver was distracted or fatigued, the victim may consider filing an injury claim against that driver’s insurance company. A lawyer may be able to evaluate the claim and then build it up with the help of investigators, accident reconstruction experts and other third parties. The lawyer may be able to handle all negotiations and litigate if necessary.

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