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Even mild trauma can cause major brain injuries

Louisiana residents should know that traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of accident-related deaths in the United States. In fact, there are nearly 138 TBI-related fatalities every day. Losing consciousness after a blow to the head is a surefire indicator of brain injury; however, TBIs can be caused by much more subtle events and have long-lasting consequences. Roughly 3 million people are treated in emergency rooms annually for brain injuries.

Automobile accidents are a major cause of brain injuries, comprising roughly 14 percent of all TBI cases. Not surprisingly, pedestrians hit by cars are at very high risk for traumatic brain injuries. Auto passengers or drivers in side-impact collisions are more likely to experience brain injures than those in head-on collisions. Seat belts reduce the risk of brain injury, but the violent shaking of the head during whiplash events can cause concussions as the brain impacts the hard shell of the cranium. Accidental falls are another leading cause of brain injuries. These often occur in retail establishments when shoppers are carrying objects and unable to use their hands to break a fall.

Symptoms of a brain injury include loss of memory, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches or confusion. Not every symptom will be present in every victim, and even minor impacts can result in brain bleeding. Therefore, it is imperative to seek medical treatment after any suspected brain injury to rule out a potentially fatal complication.

Many personal injury lawyers understand the significance of traumatic brain injuries. That’s why a victim of a slip-and-fall accident may want to obtain legal counsel. Through proper research and legal strategies, attorneys can educate insurance adjusters, judges and juries about the complexities of TBIs.

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