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Motorcyclists face significant hazards on the road

A clear day in Louisiana beckons motorcyclists out on the road, but riders must always guard against hazards because they are physically exposed on their vehicles. Personal choices or errors, such as drinking or entering a turn too fast, account for some motorcycle wrecks, but drivers of other vehicles too often simply fail to see motorcyclists, resulting in crashes and injuries or deaths.

Many crashes result from a driver making a left turn in front of a motorcyclist who had the right of way. Sometimes, even if the driver sees the oncoming motorcycle, the driver misjudges the person’s speed and still makes the turn. A predilection for people to look for cars and not smaller motorcycles also causes drivers to turn in front of bikers.

A sudden lane change represents another common scenario in which a larger vehicle strikes a motorcycle. Bikers can strive to stay out of driver’s blind spots, but the danger might not be entirely eliminated. Drivers who fail to see bikers also tend to hit motorcyclists from behind when they are stopped at a stop sign or crosswalk. Bikers could reduce the potential damage in this scenario by stopping close to the side of the road instead of the center of the lane.

Someone hit while riding a motorcycle might have a legal right to recover damages if the other driver failed to observe traffic law or acted recklessly. Because a motorcyclist might endure extreme injuries, the assistance of an attorney might help someone coping with disability or a long recovery period. An attorney may be able to manage conversations with an insurance adjuster and organize evidence from a police accident report for a lawsuit. In addition to pursuing an insurance settlement, an attorney might work toward a judgment against the negligent party’s private assets to support the victim.

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