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Intersection dangers can be cut by roundabout creation

Drivers and traffic specialists in Louisiana are often concerned about improving safety at roadway intersections. These junction points can be some of the most dangerous places on the road. As two or more streets come together, cars are at risk of hitting one another even with the use of traffic signals and other technology to manage the flow of cars. Intersections can frequently be site of fatal crashes or those that lead to serious injuries, posing a problem both for individuals on the road and for state authorities.

One popular solution to dangerous intersections has been the creation of roundabouts, or traffic circles, in place of traditional perpendicular intersections. One study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation found stunning results for the roundabouts’ success in cutting down on bodily injuries, as fatal car accidents fell by 86 percent at 144 intersections following the construction of roundabouts. It wasn’t only deaths that dropped as serious injury accidents also declined by 83 percent, and all injury crashes fell by 61 percent.

Engineers attributed the successful cuts in bodily injuries and deaths at these intersections to the elimination of the T-bone accident. This type of car crash occurs when the front end of one vehicle smashes directly into the side of another vehicle. Because the structure of the roundabout prevents cars from hitting each other in this way, this dangerous type of accident was all but eradicated at these intersections. Other types of crashes continued and even grew, however. Property damage accidents with no injuries escalated by at least 75 percent.

While engineering can help to change the roadways to make them safer overall, unfortunately it cannot eliminate the impact of dangerous driving, drunk driving and even texting while driving. People who have suffered injuries due to others’ negligence or recklessness can consult with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney can provide advice and representation in seeking compensation for medical bills and other damages suffered.

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