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October 2017 Archives

NHTSA calls for review of autonomous technology regulations

Road deaths in Louisiana and around the country have risen sharply despite significant advances in auto safety technology, but a growing number of road safety advocates believe that fully autonomous vehicles have the potential to eliminate human error and make fatal accidents largely a thing of the past. The potential safety dividends of a driverless future prompted several federal agencies to launch a Road to Zero campaign in October 2016 that hopes to eliminate road deaths entirely within three decades, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is one of the agencies involved in Road to Zero, is now actively looking for ways to clear the regulatory path for self-driving cars.

Medical conditions raise crash rate for truck drivers

Virginia residents who drive trucks or share the road with them may be interested to know that truckers with health problems are more likely to be involved in accidents than healthy truck drivers. A study found that the more health problems a trucker has, the higher the chances are of having an accident.

Car crash deaths at their highest since 2007

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 37,461 people were killed on America's roadways in 2016, which is the highest the number has been since 2007 when 41,259 people died. This has raised concern among residents of Louisiana and other states who believed that new safety technology would help in preventing fatalities.

Sleep apnea bill may benefit truckers in Louisiana

In August of 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officially withdrew a bill meant to set up criteria for obstructive sleep apnea testing among truck operators. The FMCSA had been working on the bill throughout the previous year, taking up suggestions made by the Medical Advisory Board and setting up public meetings with trucking industry stakeholders. It was dropped at the pre-rule stage.

Predicting outcomes for traumatic brain injuries

Louisiana residents may not be aware of just how damaging a traumatic brain injury can be. In some cases, a TBI can lead to impaired memory, personality changes and other symptoms well after the injury occurs. Even though there has been increased research into the lasting effects of TBIs, diagnostic knowledge and effective treatments are still limited.

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