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Why fall driving can be so dangerous

The fall months may create unique dangers for Louisiana drivers. As school gets back in session, there will likely be more cars and buses on the road during the morning and afternoon hours. There may also be increased pedestrian traffic as some kids walk to school. Cooler morning temperatures may mean that drivers encounter fog on their morning commute. This may reduce visibility and increase the risk of an accident.

Leaves falling from the trees may turn the roads into a slippery mess. They may also make it harder to see road signs or other important markings on the roads themselves. As it is mating season for deer, they may be seen more frequently on or near roadways. To avoid getting into accidents, those who operate a motor vehicleshould keep proper distance between their vehicles and those in front of them.

Prior to driving, individuals are encouraged to check their tire pressure and to adequately clean off their windshields. As the temperatures change, it is possible that tires can lose air pressure. Tires that are properly inflated are more likely to keep proper grip on the road, which may reduce stopping time when the brakes are applied. Keeping the windshield clean is important because the sun’s glare could make streaks or dust particles more pronounced and make it harder to see.

If an individual is hurt in an auto accident, that person could face a lengthy rehabilitation. It may require many months of physical therapy, multiple surgeries and a variety of medications to keep symptoms in check. However, when a driver is negligent in causing a crash, injured victims are generally entitled to compensation for medical bills. They may also be able to recoup lost wages or lost future earnings. Negligence can include driving too fast for road or weather conditions.

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