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Why autonomous vehicles may not be on the roads very soon

Many Louisiana motorists have been following the progress of self-driving cars and might believe that the nation’s roadways will soon be filled with them. While it is true that some industry experts feel that way, there are several reasons why it might take much longer for the transformation to occur than is commonly believed.

In order for driverless vehicles to be offered to the public through mass production, new laws and regulations will first need to be instituted to govern them. Legislators and safety regulatory agencies will need to think about such things as how the roadways will be shared by autonomous cars and traditional vehicles. Liability issues and insurance rules for driverless cars will also need to be determined. In addition to the potential legal issues, there also must be significant technology involved in logistics and mapping. Finally, the public may not be as willing to purchase driverless vehicles as industry insiders might think because of the high initial cost and the preference that some people have for remaining in control of their vehicles.

Electric vehicles provide a good example of how the expectations of experts may differ from reality. For instance, one expert predicted in 2010 that 280,000 electric cars would be sold in America in 2015. During that year, electric vehicle sales were just 119,000, falling far short of the prediction because of sticker shock and the unavailability of enough charging stations.

Many factors can contribute to car accidents, and the advent of driverless vehicles will not necessarily mean that accidents will cease to happen. When the vehicles are sharing the road with traditional cars, those motorists may not have the same types of cues that they get from other drivers when they are trying to anticipate how the autonomous vehicles might move. Experienced attorneys may help their injured clients to determine liability issues so that they might recover appropriate compensation.

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