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Device may reduce the incidence of drowsy driving

Some Louisiana motorists may not realize how dangerous drowsy driving can be. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that up to 6,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents each year are caused by this type of behavior. However, a company called Creative Mode has designed a device that alerts drivers as they are dozing off.

It works by measuring heart rate and sweat. When there are changes that indicate the person is falling asleep, the device first delivers a vibration and then a shock. The shock is harmless and painless, but developers say it stimulates hormones, including cortisol and serotonin, that help keep drivers awake until they can stop somewhere and rest.

The founder of Creative Mode says he did not recognize that drowsy driving was such a serious problem until a friend fell asleep behind the wheel, hit a tree and broke his collarbone. His team then began developing the device. They initially thought the vibration would be sufficient to alert drivers, but it did not work with everyone.

Car accidents that happen as a result of drowsy driving or for other reasons can lead to serious injuries. A person could have a long recuperation period or could be permanently disabled. There might be expenses not just from medical bills and vehicle repair but from an inability to work. If the compensation offered by the insurance company does not cover these expenses, the injured person might want to have a lawyer’s help in filing a lawsuit against the driver who caused the accident. If it can be proved that the accident occurred because of the driver’s negligence, the lawsuit could be successful and there might be more compensation awarded.

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