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Cargo loads focus of inspection blitz

Commercial truck drivers in Louisiana may be subject to inspection June 6-8 when the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts its annual International Roadcheck inspection event. Over the 48-hour period, the organization will focus on cargo securement.

Most of the inspections will be North American Standard Level I ones, which include looking at cargo. In fact, these are the most thorough type of inspection and look at both the driver and truck. The CVSA stated that it hopes its emphasis on cargo safety will remind drivers of its importance.

The CVSA has produced a fact sheet that includes tips for drivers. It reminds truckers to check tie-downs for damage and make sure all equipment and cargo are adequately secured. Violations that will likely be identified during the inspection blitz include loose, damaged or insufficient tie-downs and the failure to adequately secure truck equipment or cargo.

While poorly secured cargo or equipment may cause accidents, others may occur due to truck driver fatigue, intoxication or carelessness. An improperly secured load could make the accident even more serious if the cargo scatters. Truck accidents can also cause other drivers, passengers and pedestrians to get seriously hurt, and their catastrophic injuries could require long recovery periods or may even be permanent. In the meantime, the injured party might be unable to work as his or her medical expenses mount, and the insurance company may not offer enough compensation to cover these costs. When this happens, an injured person may want to speak with an attorney. A lawyer may be able to negotiate a higher compensation amount or file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and his or her employer.

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