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March 2017 Archives

Determining liability in failure to brake accidents

Many Louisiana car accidents involve a motorist failing to brake in time. Along with people being distracted and not braking when the person in front of them slows down, some people also follow the person in front of them too closely to be able to brake in time if the person ahead of them stops abruptly. Additionally, a mechanical failure may result in brakes not responding.

Auto insurance industry to change along with self-driving cars

It is anticipated that the widespread introduction of autonomous cars will make Louisiana travelers safer. However, autonomous cars will be vulnerable to accidents in a different way, and this will lead to a shift in the insurance industry. Since there will be fewer accidents overall, the size of the industry is expected to shrink, but different entities are more likely to be held liable in accidents.

New technology aims to make trucking safer

Louisiana residents may be familiar with autonomous truck technology. A company called Starsky Robotics is aiming to make it possible to control a truck remotely from an office. The truck is fitted with a kit that allows a person to control the steering, throttle and transmission. The company relies on front and side-facing radar, computer software and cameras to allow the truck to navigate on the highway.

Investigation of Louisiana bus crash undermines driver's story

The state police investigation of a fatal Aug. 28, 2016, bus crash that occurred on Interstate 10 contradicts the driver's claim that the brakes failed at the time of the accident. The newly released report about the crash that hurt 40 people and killed three found that the breaking system on the bus was functional before and during the crash.