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Autonomous trucking obstacles

Louisiana drivers might soon see autonomous trucks on highways. However, the American Transportation Research Institute released a report stating that major obstacles to full nationwide adoption still remain. The report mentioned improvements that must be made to the infrastructure and road systems.

According to ATRI, autonomous trucks will likely have human truckers on board in a non-driving capacity for the foreseeable future. These professionals will benefit in many ways from the expanded capabilities of self-driving trucks. Since they can rest while the vehicle is in motion, the possible hours of in-service operation could be changed. They will also be able to use their time on the road to perform logistical tasks and other important duties.

There are some concerns about maintaining the trucks and cyber security as well. Courts and regulators also have to resolve liability issues if a crash occurs. Other issues include those pertaining to infrastructure upgrades such as having smoother highways, more instruments that help communications between highways to vehicles and better signage. ATRI also believes that adding autonomous technology to new trucks could drive up the price, up to an extra $30,000.

Anyone who has been in an accident involving a commercial truck may wish to consult with an attorney. A legal professional can help examine evidence such as police records as well as truck data logs in order to build a more accurate picture of the accident. An attorney may also be able to provide legal representation if a court appearance is necessary as well as during negotiations with the at-fault party. Depending on the circumstances, the company that manufactured the truck may also be liable if a defective part played a role in causing the crash.

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