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December 2016 Archives

Brain injuries and sleep quality linked, study suggests

Louisiana patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may be interested to learn that, according to a study, there is a strong link between a person's recovery and their sleep patterns. It was suggested that, if hospitals could take steps to help patients restore normal sleep cycles, patients may recover more quickly.

Critics want Snapchat's controversial speed filter withdrawn

Most Louisiana residents have exceeded a posted speed limit at one time or another, but only the most reckless of them would deliberately drive at dangerous speeds on public roads just to impress their friends. High-speed crashes involving motorists who were using smartphones while driving are usually caused by distraction, but at least two law enforcement agencies say that a controversial social media application is encouraging young drivers to behave extremely recklessly.

Operation Safe Driver Week results announced

Law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and around the country take part in Operation Safe Driver Week every fall. The annual week-long safety effort is organized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, and its goal is to reduce the number of collisions involving semi-tractor trailers and passenger vehicles. The 2016 edition began on Oct. 16, and the results were announced by the CVSA on Dec. 7.

Drowsy driving accident risks go up with sleep deprivation

Many Louisianans are sleep deprived and get less than seven hours of sleep each 24-hour period. A study that was released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety on Dec. 6 found that for each hour of sleep lost in a 24-hour day, a driver's risk of being in a car accident increases dramatically.

Autonomous trucking obstacles

Louisiana drivers might soon see autonomous trucks on highways. However, the American Transportation Research Institute released a report stating that major obstacles to full nationwide adoption still remain. The report mentioned improvements that must be made to the infrastructure and road systems.